"Boom~", A crazy explose close your ear. Are you prepare? Yes, here is the battle area, a real battle area. This is what I said, Tankbattle online. Choose your vehicle, take your ambition, fight for your honor.


TankBattle online, the multi-player fighting game it is. People can find the game client Mobile version on Google play, iOS AppStore and Amazon kindle store. or find the desktop version on Mac AppStore, Windows 8 Store and Valve Steamworks Store, or find Web version on Facebook. Because it is multi-platform game yet.


In the game, people can talk each other, make fighting team and go into the scene to fight for glory, honor and of course for fan.


The game idea come from my mind, because I love tank game, In my childhood, I like to play the 8 bit game machine, The big tank game. almost boy would like tank play. So I think I will make a tank battle game, it was not like [World of Tanks]. the [World of Tanks] was a famous PC game in the industry. the style was similate real world and WW2 style. My game was like more simple control and fast-paced game.


The major different points:
1, More cartoon style.
2, Support props trading system.
3, Multi-player and multi-platform.
The game could be run on PC/Mac desktop, Mobile Device and on Web page.


The tankbattle online game architecture below:


Recently, we finish the main logic, network logic, Android client App, PC client App, Lobby and Game Server, the Demo version download here:

Mac version game server
PC version game server
Mac version client App
PC version client App
Android client App


The game project include three parts of functionlities, there are Main Logic, User Authorization, Props Trading.


The main part program almost done by myself, the Authorization and Trading parts need to create. And then the game product will be done.


The demo was tested on Intranet and Internet. One of my friend in China start his PC and connect to Internet, and then start the game server application. I start the Mobile version on my phone and tablet, and desktop version on my PC, some of my friends in China start their mobile version or PC desktop version of the game demo. I make screenshot here:


Yotube video coming soon!


Warship online, we plan in future, after the Tankbattle online was published. We will start the Warship project. The Warship game is popular game yet. Same big company like EA games, make their own warship game, but the games were too fat to download, and too difficult to play. We will go different way. a tiny, easy to play Warship game and could run on desktop or other famours platforms.


When the Tankbattle online project was done, the User Authorization part and Props Trading part will be complete. For the online fighting game, the core and architecture was same. it include socket comminication, TCP/IP, Web serivces, Database management, Low-tire logic, Client/Server communication, message broadcast, score caculation, Achievement system and team system will be done. The sub-system and logic were re-used in Warship.


It like a mobile phone very much. The software and IC system were same inside the mobile phone, but the hardware, I mean the style outside, looks and feeling were different, the shell was different. So the different mobile phone can do same thing, example, Call somebody or message to somebody. play games and visit web page. The game technology was same as them.


So the Warship will be easy to development, I mean the cost will be low then first project [Tankbattle online]. just the art design and textures, 3d models need change, a little logic will be change for new fight role.

I believe the Warship and Tankbattle game will give the players new feeling and fan for their spare time.